Sunday, April 10, 2005

The reporter also prepares back stage. The production member of staff in the foreground is preparing a traditional edit suite. The TV company was not using the modern technology now commonly associated with news gathering: the high powered laptop on which the report is constructed and then transmitted. Posted by Hello

On the spot reports were also carried out by correspondents on the scaffolding. The woman on the left is presenting to camera with a view of the Basilicia framing her face. You may be able to spot that she is wearing jeans which which not part of the framing of the shot. Posted by Hello

Spaces were cleared for on the spot reports from correspondents. Posted by Hello

Notice that all the team have identification and are therefore licensed. Posted by Hello

News Gathering

In addition to the fixed locations teams of reporters went amongst the crowd to search out interesting stories from the pilgrims.

The anchor for the Italian news presentation of events in the Square. Posted by Hello

News presentation

The large screens which kept the audience informed were provided by Italian TV from a studio with an anchor person linking the presentation together. This had all the typical conventions of such broadcasts.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

This was the kind of shot which was typically broadcast. Note the large screen on the left which gave the queue and other spectators a representation of the Pope laid out ceremonially for the pilgrims to pass by. It helps create audience expectation by anticipation both of what (Pope lying in state) is to come and allowing a diversity of viewpoints for participants in this major event. Posted by Hello

Looking at the Media

This is the view of the scaffolding housing the tv crews. The lights are clearly visible. These were premium pitches as they gave a view of the whole square. Major media organisations such as the BBC had pitches further up the square. Posted by Hello

Closer views revealed the diversity of the organisations who were were recording the events leading up to the Papal burial on Friday. These were early days of the coverage but you can see Canal+ (the French TV channel) and Reuters, the News Agency. Also the beginnings of the scaffolding holding the camera equipment, tv crews and presenters. This was early in the day on Tuesday. The platforms were more crowded later in the day. And it was possible to witness some animated discussions about pitches!! Posted by Hello

First view of major media event

On first crossing the Tiber heading towards St Peter's Square my attention was drawn to the satellite dishes. Posted by Hello

Global Media Events

My first impressions on crossing the bridge across the River Tiber were of the satellite dishes at the the end of the avenue which led directly into St Peter's Square. They had created platforms on which to mount their equipment.